Corporate Social Responsibility


Our values

We run out company on the basis of responsibility and sustainability, focusing on the personal and professional development of everyone working in the Group, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
We guarantee equal opportunities in strict compliance with the law that applies wherever we carry on business and to the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct.
S.A.U. SULQUISA’s guiding principles are compliance with the laws and standards in force from time to time, respect, integrity, transparency, excellence, professionalism and social responsibility.


Our extractive process is fully environmentally responsible and involves appropriate environmental restoration. Exhausted mineral pits are restored and reforested with native vegetation, olive trees, to create an ideal habitat for wildlife.

S.A.U. SULQUISA has entered into a collaboration agreement with the National Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid for “Environmental restoration of landscapes affected by mining activity and its benefits for fauna”, as a result of which nests have been built and are being observed and monitored.


Prevention of criminal risk

The Minersa Group, to which S.A.U. SULQUISA belongs, has adopted a policy of zero tolerance towards criminal conduct under which it has approved and implemented a complete Code for Compliance and Prevention of Criminal Risk.